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Is love enough to rehabilitate an abused “Pit Bull” Terrier?
The pup was only three months old. Bred to be a fighter, he had been trained
in violence and fear to be a killer. One terrible night it becomes too much and
the young dog runs away.

The pup escapes into the arms of Rick Simpson, another survivor,
who gives him a name:
Billy Bob.The dog is from
champion stock and
his owners are searching
for him.

The bond between Rick and
Billy grows stronger, but will it
be enough to defeat the forces
trying to recover the pup? Will
Billy be able to overcome the
negative stereotype of his
breed so others will see the
loving, loyal animal underneath? The book answers those questions.

- Bill Stauss


Saving America's Dogs - Information on pitbulls and how to help them.

Dogfighting is part of a violent subculture around the world. In different countries, different types of dogs are fought. In the United States, it is a felony in all 50* states, but dogfighting continues to thrive in both urban and rural communities. It's an illegal, underground "entertainment" that usually involves gambling. Large sums of money can be at stake, and illegal drugs and weapons are often part of the mix.


“It was night. The stars were out and it
was cold. The red
pit bull pup was
being led by a
choker chain and
leash with his
litter mates down a
dirt corridor between
their pens."

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